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Old Havana




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Aleksey Tsvelodub

"True story of Scarlet Sales" set production

Where does Assol live?

This piece of titanic work was successfully accomplished in Crimea in 2009. Production was held  simultaneously in three places – two in Crimea (Yalta and Fox Bay) and in Kyiv. We built Liss  - city in  pre-Castro Cuba. All the buildings interior were build in real scale on the premises of Yalta Movie Production Studio. All the construction took place during hot season in overcrowded by tourists Yalta. ‘Fishermen village’ was built in the picturesque place called Fox Bay (Sudak, Crimea). Other parts of the set were built in Kyiv. Extreme weather conditions (summer is very hot in Crimea), short pre-production and production terms –all this was tough challenge faced the team both in creative development and production of the project. Thoroughly coordinated team work of production designer, set-decorator, property masters made the dream come true. Synergy of brilliant cast, team work of the crew and atmosphere of sultry fisherman village with smoke-filled taverns won’t let you stay emotionless to the romantics of the picture. All this gave the effect that outweighed all the negative critics to the picture. Despite all the challenges we faced with, this project was interesting to work on and we are proud to include it in our portfolio.